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Electrical - 3-0 Copper

2/0-AWG Stranded Black Copper THHN Wire

Copper Wire 2-0 

http://www.lowes.com/pd_72619-295-20507045_0__?productId=50101592   $3.09.  Then 6% when buy 500 feet ($2.90).  Then 5% with Lowes card ($2.75).  Then 10% HomeDepot match ($2.47).


The distance through the conduit from the main panel to the sub-panels in the house is about 170 feet.  I need 8 wires so total length required is about 1,360 feet (perhaps 1,500 feet if it is actually 187.5 feet through the conduit).


May be best to use Aluminum, eg http://www.lowes.com/ProductDisplay?partNumber=10155-295-13107808&langId=-1&storeId=10151&productId=3127469&catalogId=10051&cmRelshp=req&rel=nofollow&cId=PDIO1

Need to check it is ok to used jacketed cable in conduit.

Need to ask local electrical inspector what wire gauge they require.