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Plumbing - PEX ShutOff Half Inch 

These will be mounted in the bathroom/kitchen/utility cabinets under the sink.

Half Inch Ball Valve With Lugs

They are available with screw mounting lugs but they cost twice as much...

1/2" PEX Crimp Drop Ear Ball Valve (Lead Free)

http://www.supplyhouse.com/Raven-806P012-NL-1-2-PEX-Crimp-Drop-Ear-Ball-Valve-w-o-Drain-Lead-Free   $7.61


Pex Half Inch Inline Shutoff

1/2" PEX x 1/2" PEX Ball Valve, T-Handle (Lead Free)

http://www.supplyhouse.com/Everflow-615P012-NL-1-2-PEX-x-1-2-PEX-Ball-Valve-T-Handle-Lead-Free    $3.88