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6 Mil Polyethylene Sheet - Very wide

Polyethylene sheet reinforced wide 

It is highly desirable to avoid having to join polyethylene sheets because it is a lot of effort and tape to keep the water out.  It is much better to obtain a polyethylene sheet that is big enough to not need joins.

It is good to find a sheet that is resistant to tears and punctures.

It is good to have some elasticity so that it stretches a bit and keeps providing a water proof membrane if there is movement, rather than tearing.

It is desirable to have a polyethylene sheet that is marked in a checkerboard pattern so that you can keep it aligned as it goes into the footing trenches.

6 mil is the minimum thickness, but thicker eg 10 mil would be even better if it's affordable.


My dimensions

Can make first sheet smaller than second official sheet.  Make first sheet 100' x 90'.  Make second sheet 100' x 120'.



This is scrim/string reinforced plastic sheeting manufactured by Raven Industries.  String reinforced, so it will stretch a little without tearing.  I have found it to be the best choice.  You will need to order from a local distributor.  Raven can provide a list of distributors.

ACF West - Dura-Skrim

David Strode ACF West 253-922-6641

102’ x 120’ @ $975.00
102’ x 90’ @ $731.25
$1,706.25 - $85 (5% discount) = 1,621 + $139 (8.6% sales tax) = $1,760


http://www.americover.com/6_mil_reinforced_clear_1220_prd1.htm    5.8 cents per sq ft

Sales:  lisa@americover.com  or inquiries@americover.com

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