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Yard Work


General photos of yard work

A digger makes it easier

Digger by car port 

Pushing big rock 

Big rock 

Digging out maple stump 

Maple stump 

Maple roots 

Moving stump 

Moving big stump 

Moving big stump home 

Big old tree stump 

Digger big rock carrying 

Digger going down slope 

Digger greenery 

Digger rocks home 

Digger rocks 

Digger rock 

Starting ditch 

Digger bucket in forest 

Digger gardening 

Digger gardening 

Digger moving log 

Digger scrape bar 

Digger scrape bar 

Digger in the snow

Brush Clearing With Excavator 

Excavator Moving Ferns 

Excavator Making South Lawn

Excavator Making Level Lawn Area