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Star Allowing for and adding an elevator to your home.


Typically an pit that is 8" below floor level is required.

I use a raised floor that is 2' 1-7/8" above slab height.  With an 8" pit that means there is 17-7/8" to spare.






REI (Residential Elevators Inc)

Elevator Diagram Rei Cable 


Cable and hydraulic types.

8" pit

They do the install.


Daytona Elevator

Elevator Daytona Vacuum 



Uses a vacuum.

Does not need a pit.

Supposedly low cost and easy to install.


Nationwide Lifts


Freedom Green WD

Up to 50 feet and 5 stops.

"Factory‐direct model makes this elevator very competitively priced".

8" pit but can be configured to work without a pit.


Garaventa Lift

Elevator Diagram Garaventa Lift 


Elvoron CPL

8" pit



Elevator Diagram Symmetry 





Mid Rise Elevators - Schindler 5500 Machine Room-Less Modular Elevator

20 Whippany Road Morristown, NJ 07962

Tel: (973) 397-6500

Fax: (973) 397-3619 


Hoyt Elevator


Does not need a pit.

Not enough lift travel for my house.



Not really for residential so probably too expensive.



Destiny Residential Elevators sold by Primarius Elevator in Kirkland
Actually made by National Wheel-O-Vator, a division of ThyssenKrupp Access
509 W. Front St, Roanoke, IL 61561
Destiny Hydraulic elevator $23900, (level of noise 5 to 10 db) requires 8 feet overhead clearance 220 V 30 A and 110 V 15 A.
Use the hydraulic type as they are very quiet.
Can do up to 6 floors, travel of 50 feet.
Car inside size 36" x 48"
Outside dimension of 55" x 53"
Need to allow 6" all the way round for framed walls so a 6' x 6' holes in the concrete floor sounds good.
Need a small pit - 8", but that just means close to the height of the suspended floor in the basement.
Marius Pop" <info@primariuselevator.com>
Marius Pop
Primarius elevator
12803 82nd AVE NE Kirkland WA 98034
Phone: 425-821-3160
Fax: 425-823-1863
Email: info@primariuselevator.com
Web: www.primariuselevator.com
Price is about $24K
Car size (that will fit best): 40"x54"
On the side against the Internal ICF wall is 61" (other dimension is 56-3/4").
On the plans assume 5'x5' inside shaft dimension.