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At the end of this phase there will be a flat concrete slab over the footprint of the house, ie over the whole basement area.  This phase does not include the foundations for the extensions, but it does include the footings for all the tall deck columns.

In the slab under where the walls will go, there will be an inset keyway with 3'6" of corrosion-proof rebar sticking up.


     Star Prepare Site - Markout Plot

     Star Prepare Site - Clearing Permit

     Star Prepare Site - Clearing

     Star Prepare Site - PreExcavation

     Star Prepare Site - Excavation To Level

     Star Prepare Site - Stabilization

     Star Dig Foundation - Foundation Design

     Star Dig Foundation - Orientation And Position

     Star Dig Foundation - Batterboards And Markout

     Star Dig Foundation - More Planning

     Star Dig Foundation - Excavation Preparations

     Star Dig Foundation - Footing Excavation

     Star Dig Foundation - Draining Pipe Trenching

     Star Dig Foundation - Hand Finishing

     Star Dig Foundation - Deck Column Footings

     Star Under Slab Plumbing

     Star Form Footing - Foundation Design

     Star Form Footing - Form-A-Drain Drainage

     Star Form Footing - Lower Form-A-Drain

     Star Form Footing - Setting And Staking

     Star Form Footing - Peripheral Drainage

     Star Form Footing - Inner Top Form-A-Drain

     Star Form Footing - Inner Strengthening And Venting

     Star Form Footing - Inner EPS

     Star Form Footing - Slab Crushed Rock

     Star Form Footing - Outer Top Form-A-Drain

     Star Form Footing - Outer EPS

     Star Form Footing - Bracing Upper Form-A-Drain

     Star Form Footing - Outer Crushed Rock

     Star Form Footing - Soil Manicuring

     Star Foundation Lining - Preparation

     Star Foundation Lining - First Footing Liners

     Star Foundation Lining - Cover Slab Area

     Star Foundation Lining - Prepare EPS

     Star Foundation Lining - First Polyethylene

     Star Foundation Lining - Footing Sides EPS

     Star Foundation Lining - Slab Main EPS

     Star Foundation Lining - Under Footing EPS

     Star Foundation Lining - Official Water Barrier

     Star Foundation Lining - Slab Final EPS

     Star Foundation Lining - Final Tough-Liner

     Star Foundation Rebar - Tying And Chairs

     Star Foundation Rebar - Foundation Design

     Star Foundation Rebar - Vertical Positions

     Star Foundation Rebar - Making Assemblies

     Star Foundation Rebar - External Footing Corners

     Star Foundation Rebar - Horizontal Rebar

     Star Foundation Rebar - Reference Cubes

     Star Foundation Rebar - Vertical Rebar

     Star Foundation Rebar - Key Notch Etc

     Star Foundation Rebar - Slab Rebar

     Star Foundation Rebar - Deck Columns

     Star Foundation Concrete Pour - Preparations

     Star Foundation Concrete Pour - Pumping Day

     Star Foundation Concrete Pour - Photos

     Star Foundation Concrete Pour - Concrete Curing

     Star Foundation Concrete Pour - Form Stripping

     Star Foundation Concrete Pour - Slab Drying

     Star Foundation Concrete Pour - Key Groove


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