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Mud Room and Utility Room

Star Making totally waterproof easy to clean utility spaces with no mold.



Storage in mudroom

Need spaces for...

        All the wall area should have coat hooks.

         In my case I use space under the raised floor.
    Hats  and Scarves
        Some eye height shelves.
        Small pigeon hole shelves.
    Handbags, backpacks, and shopping bags
        Some more shelving but with a bigger height.
        A couple of hooks on the wall.
        Provide a 4" wide slot at the end of a shelf in a known place.
        Provide a recycling bin for tossing junk mail.
    Strollers and baby carriers
        These need floor area
    Dog bowls, leashes, and other pet items
        Allocate a corner that is not in the main traffic flow.
    Sporting equipment, eg rackets, footballs etc
        Some higher level shelves.
    Towels for rain or swimming pool
        Some hooks on the wall near the shower.


This is useful when taking shoes on and off.



This needs to drain directly outside rather than to the septic system so the septic does not get clogged with mud.  The sink needs to be large so large items can be washed off in it including gardening tools.  Also worth having a flexible hose shower head on the sink faucet.


This can drain to the septic as the amount of mud is less and also you don't want soap suds in your yard.

Floor and walls

A tiled floor and walls with a waterproof membrane underneath is the best bet.  You need to be able to mop out or even hose out the room.


Need to be able to dry clothes and boots.  Even though the mudroom is within the house conditioned space it is worth having a dedicated hot air blowing heater.