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Decking and Porticos

Star The porticos are just built like any other walls and ceilings and the decking is a bit like a large balcony.


At the basement level, the porticos are just built like any other walls and the the ceiling is like any other ceiling.  The decking is just a very large balcony.  The decking is built from concrete and, as per a balcony, is thermally isolated from the main concrete of the house.  The technique for building balconies is described here .

To provide the thermal isolation involves implementing a concrete lip around the outside of the house wall, one foot below where the concrete decking will attach.

It is good to implement the concrete lip all the way round the outside of the building even in areas where a deck or balcony is not required.  The reason is that it allows a temporary wooden platform to be built so you can stand on it to build the floor above.


Decking support lip

When wanting to have external thermally isolated balconies or decking it is necessary to form a lip of concrete that juts out from the wall.  The concrete actually extends 6" beyond the normal concrete cavity of the wall.


Install Rebar for joining decking

Rebar 90 degree bends used to tie the concrete decking to the wall.

For the moment the rebar will be left sticking through the wall polystyrene.  Need to poke the bent rebar through from the outside.


Install rebar for column bases



Install rain water inlet pipes

Rain water from gutters will run down pipes in the outer columns of both the north and south porticos.  This will be routed to the outsoide of the basement wall and connect up to the other 4" rain water pipes.