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Plot Infrastructure

Things around the plot that support the functioning of the house.

     Star Drainage - Formal Plan

     Star Drainage - Key Points

     Star Drainage - Covenant

     Star Drainage - Ditches 

     Star Sewage System - Land Characteristics

     Star Sewage System - Types Of Systems

     Star Sewage System - Permits

     Star Sewage System - Component Parts

     Star Sewage System - Maintenance

     Star Sewage System - Implementation

     Star Well House Design

     Star Shed Building

     Star Exterior Lighting

     Star Rain Water System - Planning

     Star Rain Water System - Collection Pipes

     Star Rain Water System - Reservoir Tank

     Star Rain Water System - Pressurized Water

     Star Rain Water System - Mosquito Control

     Star Rain Water System - Faucets And Fountains

     Star Rain Water System - Irrigation System

     Star Landscaping and Gardening - Land Shaping

     Star Landscaping and Gardening - Rock Walls

     Star Landscaping and Gardening - Paths and Steps

     Star Landscaping and Gardening - Features

     Star Landscaping and Gardening - Grow Enclosures

     Star Landscaping and Gardening - Plants

     Star Landscaping and Gardening - Trees

     Star Retaining Walls 

     Star Driveways 

     Star Greenhouses - General Principles

     Star Greenhouses - Thermal Mass Design

     Star Greenhouses - Raised Platform Design

     Star Hobbit Houses 

     Star Concrete Block Sheds 

     Star Fountains 

     Star Tiny House 

     Star Railway 

Well-House diagram