Carnation Construction
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Star Make your land profile more interesting and functional using heavy equipment.


Excavator 160 Long Reach

Excavator And Dozer Together 

Ahead of time on your plot map you need to decide the various heights that you want to terraform the land to.  Use a self leveling laser and a pole with markers to establish the height of the ground.

Excavation Height Measuring Stick 

You can use paint on the ground to indicate how much ground still needs to be excavated away.

Excavation Heights Marked With Paint 

The excavator operator may also have their own laser system (but it is still best to have your own self leveling laser).

Excavator With Laser 

Excavator Laser Depth Checking 

Changing buckets on excavator.

Changing Buckets On Excavator

East Back Grading 

Grade Transition From East 

View From Down Hole 

Rigging strings is another way to establish levels.

Strings Showing Required Grade

Site Lower Area