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Rain Water System - Collection Pipes

Star This describes the large network of pipes I use to get the water to the collection tank.


Pipes to collect water

These are the pipes, one that takes water from the foundation and one that takes water from the gutters and decking.  Whenever you bury pipes in the ground it is worth taking lots of pictures so you can remember where you put them.

Drainage Water Trench To South

Drainage Pipes In Ditch By Septic

Gutter Drainage Pipe And Pumped Sewage

Footing Drain Elect Water In Trench

Stubbed Ends Of Footing Drainage Along Trench

Stubbed Ends Of Footing Drainage Pipes

Looking Down On Stubbed Footing Drainage Pipes 

(The following pictures show a cleanout on the top drainage pipe but this was removed later because the catch basin provides the cleanout functionality).

End View Drainage Pipe Etc Stubbed 

Pipes Electrical Round Deck Footing Markout 

Side View Drainage Pipe Etc Stubbed 

Gutter Drainage Pipe Sewer Conduit

Electrical Box Underground Being Installed 

Pipes Sewer And Catch Basin 

It is good to include a filter box inline with the gutter water.  You can use a small catch basin and fit a rigid filter mat inside.

Drainage Catch Basin 12in  Small catch basin

Catch Basin No Fill 

Sewer Pipe And Gutter Drain

Catch Basin With Back Fill