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Foundation Lining - Slab Final EPS

Star Over the slab area a 1 inch thick layer of polystyrene is used to protect the waterproof membrane.

Cover slab area with 1" polystyrene

Function and game plan

EPS (40psi) of 1" thickness is used to cover the polyethylene sheet membrane over the slab area.  It provides protection to stop the waterproof membrane being punctured during the concrete pour or by any sharp edges on the set concrete.

Cover slab area with polystyrene

Cut 1" polystyrene sheeting such that it completely covers the slab area up to the place where it starts to angle down at 45 degrees.  Using your hotwire cutter bench, chamfer the edge of the 1" EPS to continue the 45 degree slope.  Use foam gap filler on the edges of the sheets to join them together to stop them moving about. 

Eps Slab Protection Gluing

Leave a few paving slabs on the edge corners to make sure that high winds do not blow it off.

Protection Eps Over Membrane

Protection Eps Over Membrane Site

Site Starting Protection Eps

Site Gluing Eps Protection

Site Protection Eps 1in Done