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Foundation Concrete Pour - Key Groove

Star Remove the key notch forming planks and generally clean up the slab.

Remove key notch lumber sticks

While there is still water over the slab area you can do some preliminary clipping away at the concrete to get at the key notch lumber, but it is easier to see what you are doing once the water has gone.

Make sure you do not damage the rebar.  Composite rebar is great in tension but does not like the shear force that a jackhammer can exert.

Removing Key Notch Planks Exposing With Jackhammer 

Removing Key Notch Planks Exposed 

Removing Key Notch Planks Tools 

Removing Key Notch Planks Cut Sections 

This is what it should look like once the key notch lumber has been removed...

Grove Planks Removed Slot Clean 


Trim concrete and clean slab

Groove Keyways In Slab North

Site Washed Slab Cleaned 

Full Slab Eclipse Patterns 

Remove wood blocks

At some point the wooden blocks that supported the walkway planks need to be removed once the concrete has set.  You will be left with square holes in the concrete slab which will be filled in on a later concrete pour (eg when pouring the walls).  Until you are ready to fill the holes it is best to leave the wood blocks in place so you don't trip on the hole.

Cube hole in slab