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Cabinet doors

Barker Windsor Unfinished Cabinet Doors (raised panel) 

Kitchen Cabinet Door Windsor 

http://www.barkerdoor.com/Windsor-Raised-Panel-Cabinet-Door-p/windsor-rp-door.htm    24x30    $51.45

WINDSOR Unfinished Cabinet Doors (raised panel) [quantity:1][WIDTH:23 7/8][HEIGHT:29 7/8][size verification:the door HEIGHT is between 16" and 30" (1 rp tall)][drill hinge cup:3.5" from top and bottom (2 cups)][hinge side:N/A- rectangular door allows left or right side hinge][wood type:Red Oak (premium select)][finish options:raw/unfinished (sanded to 180 grit, ready for finish)][frame widths:2 5/8" Stiles x 2 5/8" Rails (STANDARD)]

Potentially also order side panels.  They are 3/4" thick slabs of the same wood used for the doors.  http://www.barkercabinets.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BFE .  Actually I prefer to use a wall of sanded 2-by hemfir, particularly as this will match the extraction hood and the rest of the wood in the house interior.


There are price bands on the height so it is most price efficient to be at the top of a band...

     7" - 16"
   16" - 30"
   30" - 48"
   48" - 60"
   60" - 72"
   72" - 84"
   84" - 92"

Strangely there does not seem to be a limit on the width or any width price bands.


Draw fronts

These draw fronts are the same style as the cabinet doors.



Other door suppliers


Another Oregon company is http://www.cabdoor.com

Maple Craft

Here's a non Oregon one. http://www.maplecraftusa.com/HTML2005/cabinets-solidwood.html 


Kitchen Cabinet Door Ikea 

http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50264215/#/40264225    24x30   $132