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Crushed Rock - 1-1/4 inch minus

One and a quarter minus (without fines)

Crushed Rock 1-1/4 Minus 

Where water drainage is needed it is best to specify "without fines".  Below is my full definition of what I want.  When ordering from a supplier you may want to cut and paste my definition into your email to avoid confusion because different suppliers use different terms.

"Rock that is crushed and put through a grate that only allows pieces of rock through that are less than or equal to 1.25".  The crushed rock that passes through the grid (0" to 1.25" inch pieces) is then filtered (with a smaller grid) to get rid of the fines, ie to get rid of the very small pieces of rock (certainly all the dust)."

If you buy crushed rock that has not been washed after the crushing then you will need to wash it yourself.

Wash The Crushed Rock On Grill 

Washing Crushed Rock 

Even crushed rock that has been dry filtered to (supposedly) remove the fines and small rock chips will likely need to be washed by you on a filter grid to get it cleaner.

I use it under concrete house slabs and for the drainage around the outside of footings and when backfilling daylight basements.  I do not use drain rock pebbles because it is structurally better to have rocks that lock together, but it does still need to provide drainage without getting clogged up with the very fine rock particles.

The conversion rate from between companies that quote in tons and those that quote for a cubic meter is about 1.4, ie multiply the Cu yard figure by 1.4 to get the number of tons.

Crushed Rock Delivery Tip

I used to order it from Cadman but they dramatically raised their prices so now my preferred suppliers are...

Cadman   425-961-7100    $30.40 per ton (with environmental charge and sales tax).

www.EastsideRock.com   Dave Church, General Manager.  davec@eastsiderock.com  425-287-8566.  Fall City.  Not washed, ie just whatever comes from a 1.25" crusher.    $10.75 + $140 delivery  (ie about $21 per ton).  You need to wash and filter it yourself to get rid of the fines and small rock chips.  In practice I have found that there is just too much dust in it.

http://www.pacifictopsoils.com     Josh Roden    jroden@pacifictopsoils.com   $29.39/ton   41.15/yard for filtered rock + tax.  Even though this has been filtered to remove the fines, it in practice does still have lots of fines and small rock chips.  It also seems to disintegrate in sunlight.

www.wa-rock.com     Zack Erickson      zack@wa-rock.com   $26.75 per ton for fairly clean but not washed rock + tax