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Stucco color

I prefer using color liquid rather than color powder because it is less of a problem if it is a windy day.  Some people say that you can get better color consistency by using a powder rather than a liquid because the liquid settles in the bottle, but first mixing with water solves that problem.

Using 1/4 of a bottle per 80lb bag of gray mortar makes a deep brown color.

Try adding Buff colorant to a bag of gray stucco.


Quikrete Liquid Cement Color 

https://www.lowesforpros.com/cement-colors/quikrete-10-fl-oz-cement-color-mix_g1635423.html       $4.92



One bottle will mix with two 80lb. or 60lb. bags of Concrete Mix.  Available in Red, Brown, Buff, Charcoal and Terra Cotta.

Mix it with water to make a gallon of colored water.  Measure out the required quantity of colored water and add that to the stucco mortar.  Use half a gallon of colored water for each 80lb bag of mortar.