Carnation Construction
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Tool - Ditch Blaster   

Use compressed air to dig a trench in even rocky ground without hurting tree roots.



185CFM tow behind compressor 30-50HP 3/4" pipe

Tow Behind Compressor 185cfm 

Second hand they cost about $10K but you can rent one for about $500 per week.

Digging Wand


Compressed Air Ball Valve 

Graduated pipes and reducers

The top of the wand is a 4 foot length of 3/4" metal pipe with 3/4" Male NPT ends.  The valve is fitted at the top and via a 1' length of 3/4" pipe is fed from a 3/4" air hose.

Then reduce down to 1/2" with a 6" length of pipe, then reduce to 3/8" with a 6" length of pipe, then reduce to 1/4" with a 3" length of pie that blasts the soil.

Stainless Pipe Reducer 

Mnpt Pipe Length 

3/4" compressed air hose

Compressed Air 34in Hose NPT 

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rubber-Air-Hose-3-4-x-50-feet-For-Air-Jack-Hammer-/283237966006     $90    50 feet


Insulation padding

The pipe will get hot and also you want it to be comfortable to hold.  Use 3/4" split water pipe insulation and then bind it with a spiral layer of duct tape.