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Wellhouse - Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tank 

Available in 1550 gallon size for about $590 plus about $170 shipping from:


Scott Silvey" <ssilvey@plastic-mart.com 

In my case I ordered 3 and so got a discount.  Because there were 3 it was worth me getting a truck and picking the tanks up at Plastic-Mart's shipping facility in Washington State so I did not pay any shipping charges.  They have shipping facilities in many states.

The model number of the (green colored) 1550 gallon tank is GRN1550-87NW and it's 87" (7'3") diameter and 67" (5'7") high and weighs 215 lbs.  It's made from Food Grade Safe FDA Approved Polyethylene Plastic and is approved for potable water.

It comes with:  16" Vented Manway,  1-1/2" Female NPT Threaded Inlet Fitting,  2" Female NPT Threaded Outlet Fitting.