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Star Ensure your design appeals to others.

Balance personal preferences with what others like

Getting the floor plan right is important.  It sets the feel for the house and can make your life easier or harder depending on how good a job you do with it.  You need to find a layout that works best for your lifestyle, but at the same time you need to make sure that it is appealing to future house buyers in case you ever want to sell.  Floor plans are a bit like clothing fashions.  Clothes that might have looked good in the 70's are shunned today.  In house design it's worth keeping up with the trends.  You don't need to adopt them all in your design, but you should probably try to fit your particular preferences in with those trends.


One thing you can do in your house design is make sure it is flexible and adaptable so you can modify things over the years to try to keep up with whatever is the modern look.  My house has a designed for life of over 500 years, but it would be hard today to predict what a fashionable look in the 25th century will be.  That's where flexibility is needed.  Having concrete walls limits flexibility a bit, but there's still plenty of things you can do.