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Classical Architecture - Style

Star Design your house with classical style, using proportions defined by Vitruvius and Palladio.

I like to call the architectural style I'm using "Vitruvian" in honor of Emperor Augustus' architect who was called Vitruvius (about 2000 years ago).  Many people refer to the architectural style as Palladian after Andrea Palladio (about 500 years ago), but Palladio basically copied Vitruvius.  To be fair, Vitruvius basically copied from the Greeks (about 2500 years ago) who slightly copied from the Mycenaeans (about 3000 years ago).  The Mycenaeans were influenced by the earlier Minoan civilization, located on the island of Crete.   In recent years the style has also been called Neoclassical or Greek Revival.


Buy a good book

It is important to get the architectural details correct if you truly want to design and build a good classical style building (a Vitruvian building).  There is a very useful book on the subject called "Get Your House Right" by Marianne Cusato.  I brought a copy and I encourage you to also buy a copy.

Book - Get your house right 


What follows on subsequent web pages is some of the information from this book, but it is only some of the info which is why you should buy the book.