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Classical Architecture - My House

Star Here are details of my house that follows classical architecture rules.

My House Dimensions

Tuscan Order columns are plain (non-fluted) and taper for the top 5/7ths.  The diameter at the bottom of the round column is 1/7th of the column height.  The column height includes the base and top, but does not include the Entablature.  The diameter of the top of the column is 5/6th of the base diameter.

Tuscan Order Tuscan Order  Column Parthenon

Tuscan order details

Some interpretation is required for a particular building.  Here are the dimensions I'm using for my house.  I use a spreadsheet to calculate everything.

Architectural dimensions 


Further reading

Andrea Palladio's - The Four Books of Architecture (Written 500 years ago)

Vitruvius - The Ten Books on Architecture (Written 2000 years ago) (If in doubt about anything, consult Vitruvius)