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Blueprints - My Architectural Drawings

Star This is the set of architectural drawings that I submitted.


My blueprints

In my case I am the one building the house rather than a contractor so there is no particular need to indicate where things like electrical sockets and lights are installed.  I just needed to provide enough info to get a building permit.

List of drawings

Drawing list

Full plot map 

Plot full

Plot map of build site

Plot Building Site Top

Plot Building Site Middle

Plot Building Site Middle

Plot Building Site West

Art drawing - South

Art south

Art drawing - North

Art north

Art drawing - West

Art west

Art drawing - East

Art east 

Basement floor plan

Floor plan basement plumbing 

Main level floor plan


Bedroom level floor plan

Floor Plan Bedroom 

North elevation

North Elev Full 

South elevation

South Elev Full 

West elevation

West elev full 

East elevation

East elev full 

Foundation plan full

Foundation With Decking Top 

Foundation With Decking Bottom


Roof plan

Plan roof 


Wall and foundation design full

Wall foundation design full

Wall and foundation design interior walls

Internal Wall Foundation Full