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Carnation Walling - Floor Rebar

Star Add the rebar to the flooring including all the small figure of 8 stirrups.

Add rebar to Carnation Flooring

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The half inch rebar used has a bend in the end.  Typically at the outside walls you need to extend the rebar straight out vertically to go to the wrap around concrete decking.

The bent leg can often be cut off.  Typically you need many overlapped joined pieces to get the necessary length to span across the entire building length.


Need to add all the small wall stirrups when adding the horizontal floor rebar.


Add vertical rebar that goes up into the walls above

It needs to extend up 3' 5" above the slab.  It also needs to be long enough to get a 3' overlap with the bent wall verticals (after where the bend starts).  Use 8' lengths (can get two from a bent length of 1/2" and still get a separate corner piece).


Add rebar sticking up for columns