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Star These are the individual modules that don't fall into any particular category.


Countdown timer

Typically these are available for about $11.  They are not remote controllable and do not report their status.  They are used to turn on a bathroom extractor fan for a period of time.


SwitchLinc Timer - INSTEON Countdown Wall Switch Timer (Non-Dimming), White
http://www.smarthome.com/2476ST/SwitchLinc-Timer-INSTEON-Countdown-Wall-Switch-Timer-Non-Dimming-White/p.aspx  $59.99

Leviton LTB60-1LZ 4 Button 10-20-30-60 Minute Countdown Timer Switch
http://www.smarthome.com/4255/Leviton-LTB60-1LZ-4-Button-10-20-30-60-Minute-Countdown-Timer-Switch/p.aspx  $31


INSTEON Garage Door Control & Status Kit

Insteon IO Interface 




Simplehomenet EZIO2X4 4 Input/2 Output Relay Controller

Insteon another IO interface 



Door lock

Add INSTEON Control to Morning Industry's RF Deadbolts and Door locks
http://www.smarthome.com/2458A1/MorningLinc-INSTEON-Morning-Industry-RF-Doorknob-Deadbolt-Controller/p.aspx?src=HML10RA63  $49.99
http://www.smarthome.com/51892B/3-in-1-Keyless-Entry-Deadbolt-With-RF-Remote-Control-Touchpad-Lockset-Brass-QF-01P/p.aspx  $99.39


Automated blinds



Automated curtains



Fan to move air down



Robot vacuum