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Star Protecting your home from bad guys.


I regard home security as an extension of home automation, which is why it is covered here.


Physical security


Include a sheet of steel in the sandwich that is the door construction.


Provide bolts in the concrete around the windows so that optional steel plates can be fitted on the inside.  The bad guys might break the windows but the steel plates will stop them getting in.  You would only fit the steel plates if there was society breakdown or if you were planning to leave the house for a long period of time.

It is worth putting signs on the window glass to tell bad guys there is no point in breaking the windows to lessen the annoyance of having to replace broken windows.









Motion sensors (inside)


Motion sensors (outside)

This is done with motion detection yard lights.  The activation 110V lines are brought into the house to provide notification and logging.


Warning to intruders

Turning lights on when an intruder is detected can help persuade them to leave.  This can be done using home automation switches.

After a few minutes if turning on the lights did not work then set off a loud siren (if home owner has not cancelled the alert.


Security cameras


Video door bell